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Module 3 Budgeting and Maintaining Financial Control

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A budget can help us as we navigate our life journey, especially as we negotiate the changes that we are faced with as we meet the life events faced by older adults as they age in Canada.

A budget tailored to your own goals and aspirations in the last stages of your life can help you meet your financial goals in life and meet your objectives for your legacy in death as well. In this module, we will cover the following topics:

  • Why Budget?
  • What to Keep Track Of?
  • Types of Income
  • Types of Expenses
  • Ongoing Savings:  Paying Yourself First
  • How to Keep Track of Your Money
  • Resources to Help You Budget Better
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Module 4Borrowing Money in Seniors Years

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Module 5Transportation and Travel

Your ability to go from point A to point B – either in your community or across the country – is part of your continued independence as a senior in Canada. You need to think about the impact of any journey – to the local market, or to a tourist destination halfway around the world […]

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