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Welcome and thank you for your interest in learning about how to improve your financial confidence and wellbeing during the retirement phase of your life.

Whether you are retired, nearing retirement, have a family member who is a senior, or are caring for someone who is aging, this resource will help you prepare for the many financial decisions that arise later in life.

Financial literacy is all about having the knowledge, skills, and confidence to make responsible financial decisions at every stage of life. As we age, new challenges often emerge such as navigating estate planning considerations or continuing to grow your investments during retirement. Therefore, it is important to have a comprehensive financial plan that allows you to maintain control of your finances for you, your loved ones, and the legacy you may wish to leave behind.

We know there are a multitude of financial issues to consider during your retirement years and, at times, it can feel overwhelming. That is why we worked with the Canadian Foundation for Economic Education (CFEE) to create this resource.

We hope it will serve as a starting point to help you plan for the years ahead. From retirement planning and government pension sources to making informed lifestyle decisions to accommodate the onset of an illness or the desire to travel, this book covers all dimensions of your financial world through easy-to-follow learning modules.

The information found in these pages is intended to help you feel more empowered as you navigate your golden years and enjoy everything this exciting period has to offer!

Finally, I would like to thank CFEE for their partnership and commitment to creating this book. IG Wealth Management is proud to continue to support their efforts to advance financial literacy across Canada.

Damon Murchison
President and Chief Executive Officer
IG Wealth Management